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    • Includes (Rapid Repo Removal)
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    • 9 Free Inquiries Removal
    • Free Upgrade to Life time Credit Repair
    • Free Trade Line ( average 60 point increase)
    • 25% Off Inquiry Removal over 10

Refund Policy 

1180/or $880 Housing and Apartment Approval Agreement 

This agreement is between, hereinafter referred to as the client, and Vison Cares LLC  hereinafter referred to collectively and individually as the contractor. 

The client must go to view the desired future residence prior to applying. During the viewing, the process client is not to disclose personal contact information such as email and phone number to the leasing consultant. Showing government-issued identification to the leasing consultant is required and acceptable. 

The contractor commits to working to get a client approved for the apartment of their choice. All information given to the contractor from the client is believed to be true and lawful. This is not a service to hide the true identity of the client and the contractor does not support such actions. The client agrees to provide the contractor with an initial non-refundable deposit of $590.00/440.00 which gets the apartment/Housing approval process started. Once approved a final deposit of $590/440.00 (for a total of $1180/880.00) is due and all information used to apply for housing is released to the client. IF YOU ARE APPROVED AND WE HAVE NO COMMUNICATION IN 24 HOURS WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL THE APPLICATION AND YOU WILL FORFEIT THE INITIAL $590/$440. AND START THE PROCESS AGAIN OWING THE TOTAL $1180.00 or $880.00. If you attempt to reach out to the apartment after the approval without consulting with Any Apartment Approval we have the right to cancel the application. 

After securing the deposit, the client understands that there is a minimum of three weeks before the actual application can be submitted. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, the contractor agrees to aid the client in applying at another complex until approval is received. All application fees required by the property management companies are the client’s responsibility and will be paid directly to the apartment complex. If there are add